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Create your own BRAND TV® today: make your own broadcast, advertise new products, share news, tell about your successes, post job advertisements, and in general, with your own branded TV channel you can do almost anything!

FireBrands – Ukrainian leader in sensory marketing, – presents BRAND TV®.

FireBrands – Ukrainian leader in sensory marketing, – presents BRAND TV®.

By combining the effectiveness of our musical offer with atmospheric video material and branded video and photo content, you will make visiting your business more vivid for the client, and you will also be able to convey to your customers more necessary information about your business.

FireBrands – Ukrainian leader in sensory marketing, – presents BRAND TV®.
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FireBrands BRAND TV® is a complete video and photo content management solution for small and medium-sized businesses. Full system design, software, hardware, content, service and support.

BRAND TV® is your own television channel with a single broadcast throughout the network. A convenient and simple solution that can have a powerful impact on your business.

Exclusive Content

  • Full on-screen branding – from the logo in the corner to the end-to-end identity
  • Posting commercials for your business
  • Content that never shows competitor ads
  • Local and national news, exchange rates and weather forecasts
  • Ready-made thematic videos of professional quality (nature, fashion, sports, urban studies, etc.).

Individual programming

  • Your BRAND TV® broadcasts only your ads and information blocks
  • Choose thematic video and photo content from our catalog
  • Create your own videos with our video production

Flexible subscription

  • By subscribing to any of the BRAND TV® subscription options, you get the best video business solution on the market!
  • All of our packages include maintenance, programming, and technical support, and some include content production.

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Video, photo, information
on one screen

FireBrands is the only content provider on the market that makes it possible to combine video and photo content on the air.

Also, BRAND TV® service from FireBrands gives you the opportunity to timely, in real time, deliver information to your consumer using so-called “widgets” (for example, today’s date, current temperature, exchange rates, etc.), as well as a ticker (e.g. promotions, job postings, special offers, staff greetings, etc.)


For the technical implementation of broadcasting, we connect your television screens to our proprietary BRAND MEDIA PLAYER® device.

The program on the device connects to our server daily and requests new playlists, and if new content appears, loads it into memory and continues broadcasting. This approach greatly improves the reliability of broadcasting, because it does not depend on a constantly stable Internet signal. Broadcast of your BRAND TV® is stable and around the clock.

Interface ports for connecting a local network and a USB drive


Own TV
for your
fitness club
business centre
medical centre
car showroom
beauty saloon

Test our service for free and enjoy its benefits

  • Your personal video assistant will create a unique initial content for your TV channel.
  • We will install our proprietary media player, configure all the necessary widgets and a ticker
  • You will test the new channel and we will begin working on unique content
*The final cost is calculated individually for each client and depends on the number of locations, format and area of the location.
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What exactly will we show on the air of your BRAND TV®?

Customer Content

Everything that your TV channel shows is provided to us by you. It can be your advertising videos and graphic advertising layouts, atmospheric videos from your presentations and grand opening, official appeals of your management, customer or employee reviews. In general, literally everything you want!

Depending on the tariff, you can mix photo and video content for your channel, and even entrust us with the production of unique content.

Thematic content

We offer you a choice of several thematic sections of video and photo content:

  • Nature – video of beautiful places around the planet
  • City – beautiful shots of different cities from all six continents
  • Fashion – video from fashion shows around the world
  • Food – beautiful videos of cooking delicious dishes
  • Your wishes – we can choose the content to your taste

Compare BRAND TV® rates

List of equipment and services from FireBrands, depending on the tariffChoose tariff
  • BRAND TV® Customer Content
  • BRAND TV® Themed Content
  • BRAND TV® Exclusive Photo Content
  • BRAND TV® Exclusive Video Content
List of equipment and services from FireBrands, depending on the tariffBRAND TV®
Photo Content
Video Content
Broadcast equipment
Broadcast software
Hardware Installation and Connection
Compiling playlists
Update ticker information
Monthly update of thematic photo and video content
Monthly visit of our photographer to a location (100 professional photos)
Production of video content on a customer request
from 8000
from 12000
from 15000
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FireBrands Production

We make videos for business. FireBrands Production is a team of professionals with many years of experience in producing professional video products. Before starting the filming process, we study your product, fall in love with it ourselves, and then we make your customers fall in love with it as well.

We make videos for business. FireBrands Production is a team of professionals with many years of experience in producing professional video products. Before starting the filming process, we study your product, fall in love with it ourselves, and then we make your customers fall in love with it as well.

Entrust us your picture!

Over the past three years, we have worked with small and large brands, with young and old companies, with local and foreign ones. Whatever problem your business is facing, we will help you solve this with the help of video.

You are not sure what exactly you need?
See what our customers have already ordered:

Video presentation

Advertise your product or services to your customers in a short video


Tell us about your company, product or service in 2 minutes

Video review

Your customers share their experiences about a product or service.

Promotional video

Promote your company on the air of your BRAND TV® on YouTube or TV

Corporate video

Video content for internal use by company employees

History of the company

Tell your customers and partners about the mission and values of the company

Sponsor video

Partner’s or advertiser’ videos on the air on your BRAND TV®

Social Media Video

A short video that attracts attention when scrolling through a social media feed

Missing a photo? We can help!

Our managers will recommend a professional photographer and help to organize a quality photo shoot according to the creative task, or food filming, fashion photography, interior filming, capturing important events for a company and etc.

Alternatively, we can offer to buy a set of thematic photos on microstocks. This is a low-budget alternative to specially held photo shoots. As a result, your air will be filled with a slide show of colorful photos, the theme of which matches the sphere of your business.

Our Clients


Benefits of BRAND TV®
by FireBrands

Unique service  <br>from the market leader

Unique service
from the market leader

Dozens of screens in restaurants across the country are already showing BRAND TV®. Join now!

Full  <br>air customization

air customization

Create your own television network. Your broadcast network may consist solely of stories about your business!

Mix content  <br>as you wish

Mix content
as you wish

Unlike competitors,
our unique software allows you to combine video and photo content on the screen!

“Urgently on the air!” – <br>We are already ready.

“Urgently on the air!” –
We are already ready.

Your personal content manager is always in touch and will post the necessary materials on air during the working day.

Technical excellence

Technical excellence

Forget flash drives, BRAND TV® is a centralized replacement of video and photo content on all screens at a time

We are always here for you!

We are always here for you!

Technical support 365 days a year and a free trial period – 1 month for debugging the service


We are a network of pizzerias in the city of Kiev. Currently there are 5 locations in the city, several more are being prepared for opening. According to the project, we have installed televisions in our pizzerias, because during sports championships, many clients come to us not only for pizza, but also to watch competitions and matches.

But what about the rest of the time? We got acquainted with various video and audio content management services, and we have made a choice in favour of FireBrands. Now our restaurants are equipped with Brand Media Players, which broadcast both music and television airtime.

The guys themselves select thematic videos and photographs for us, they also broadcast our content, which we produce on our own. You can display any information on the screen in the form of a ticker, as well as widgets – time, date, exchange rate, temperature and others. In fact, we’ve got a full-fledged television channel – Pizza House TV.

Solodchuk Anastasia
Solodchuk Anastasia

Marketing manager from Pizza House


A few years ago, we were recommended by Brand Radio Networks as the cool guys in corporate radio and music. As it turned out, BRN provides solutions not only for music, but also for corporate TV, as well as aromatization. We quickly implemented a comprehensive solution for us, including thanks to the possibility of fast management via the Internet.

Any questions are resolved 24/7, Support is great! In addition, some non-standard projects are made for us in the “deadline yesterday” format. I can definitely recommend BRN!

Gleb Kocherzhinskiy
Gleb Kocherzhinskiy

Commercial Director from "EkoLavka"


Great media service. We have been working with FireBrands for many years. Over all this time they have managed to make great content for us, taking into account all our wishes. Every word has been taken into account and now our visitors enjoy excellent quality radio and TV during their holidays.

We started with Radio Borshch, now we have added Borsch TV as well. Now, in addition to radio, we also have our own television. Service, maintenance and flexibility are top notch! Brand Media Player equipment was connected throughout the network in a matter of days.

Thanks to all your team for their excellent work and a close-knit team!

Anna Khimichuk
Anna Khimichuk

Head of the cafe
“Borsch-cafe Klondike”


How do my photos and videos get on the screen?

A special BRAND MEDIA PLAYER® device is connected to each screen. All devices are also connected to our cloud server. When the video content manager adds new files to the server, they are automatically downloaded to the device. If you have a whole network, then the devices download new material at the same time, regardless of geography. After downloading to the device, photos and videos, according to a specific schedule (media plan) are displayed on the screen.

Is the broadcast in real time?

Yes and no. On all screens, videos and photos appear simultaneously at the same time according to the schedule. But each BRAND MEDIA PLAYER® plays files individually from its hard drive. This is not a live broadcast like on television. However, the file with the schedule for the release of video and photo materials is “checked” with the clock on the server and, if, for example, the device was turned off and turned on again after 30 minutes, it will not start playing according to the schedule from the very beginning, it will play exactly that file that according to a plan should come out at a given time.

How fast does new content go on the air?

From the moment the content is received by your video, the content manager can take one business day to appear on the air. But, as a rule, this happens earlier.

We have few video content, can you help fill the broadcast?

Sure! Our “BRAND TV® Thematic Content” tariff plan solves exactly this problem!

Is it possible to relay national television channels?

No. BRAND TV® does not relay other channels. If you want to switch to the broadcast television channel, you need to exit the BRAND TV® broadcast module by switching the source from HDMI INPUT to TV on the remote control or on the TV. Among our customers, it’s of current interest for pubs and bars that show their guests sports matches.

Can we advertise our contractors and partners?

It is needed! Your branded channel can be a source of income for you, or at a minimum, recoup the cost of its maintenance. We are never tired of repeating to our customers that BRAND TV®, like BRAND RADIO®, is your small media outlet that can help you increase your company’s revenue or become a competitive advantage when negotiating with a supplier or contractor.

Fire up your brand!

Exclusive, creative and technical solutions from the market leader in sensory marketing

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